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Tulips project type 1

Problem definition

In order to control the logistics processes in the workspace and greenhouse, a logistics solution was required that would make it possible to control the existing container system and achieve batch registration at container level.

For container movements around the greenhouse, a registration system was required that made it possible to control watering for each sort type and also be time-dependent.


The existing logistic container system has been thoroughly updated, expanded and equipped with the latest PLC control technology. ISAL has been implemented for container movement control, and it is now possible to optimize the container movements, and to group structured batches and sorts by growing properties in the greenhouse.  By applying registration of the container contents and utilising visualization, it is possible to automate the watering process

Specific features
  • Watering functionality based on species
  • Visualization of batches/species and in the greenhouse
  • Automated container transport

Used modules

Tulips project type 1