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At Indigo Software Solutions the ambitions of our customers are our number one priority, whether they are currently focusing on growth, quality, reliability or any other endeavour whatsoever.

From the beginning, Indigo has been working in the horticulture industry. From this basis, we have grown to become an industry specialist that is completely focused on organizations that intensively cultivate vegetables, flowers, plants, trees, bulbs or seeds on a commercial basis.
Furthermore, Indigo Logistics B.V. focuses on entrepreneurs with various mechanical systems for control, visualization and communication.

Indigo Software Solutions speaks the language of the entrepreneur. We penetrate deeply into the business with knowledge and empathy in order to ensure our industry-specific knowledge and software can be translated into providing strong support to business processes.
This means even the greatest ambitions can be achieved.

We grow with our customers: even if it is just the first small step towards a larger objective, or the next big step. Indigo achieves ambitions by having appropriate and achievable solutions available at the right time.

Indigo Software Solutions rests on the core values of responsibility, autonomy, respect, openness, integrity and loyalty. It is these values that we convey to one another and to our customers.

In all we do, Indigo Software Solutions creates sustainable customer value first. Only then can we deliver what we promise.



*Indigo Software Solutions is a trademark of Indigo Logistics B.V

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