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The base module is responsible for container management in a more-or-less automated container yard area.

ISAL CTS Functionality

  • Basic batch registration
  • Basic variety registration
  • Basic growth scheme registration
  • Greenhouse visualization
  • Manual and automatic container movement
  • Registration of container contents at plant and batch level
  • Able to book batch information on to the container automatically using a selection screen and a set container position
  • Able to remove container content automatically based on a user-defined container position or department
  • Search & Filter functionality
  • Visualization of selected and active route(s)
  • PLC logging functionality
  • Status & Error functionality
  • Able to generate automatic container commands based on track content and/or container content.
  • Functionality for arranging various activities (for example, watering)
  • Import/Export functionality of data to Excel/Word/PDF/HTML/CSV
  • Functionality for the design and handling of an activity plan at plant, batch or container level.
  • Functionality for the registration of handling operations for each position.
  • Functionality for linking resources to positions for the purposes of labour registration

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