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Phalaenopsis project type 1

Problem definition

To optimize the sorting and delivery process of the 12 cm Phalaenopsis (moth orchid), changes were required to the existing sorting and delivery system in order to gain more control and insight of the product flow and the plants that were actually assigned to a customer order.

In addition to the optimization of the delivery process, there was also a requirement for the optimization of the filling of the sorting buffer to sort more plants more uniformly on specific features with the objective of generating better statistics for each species.


The existing logistic belt system was thoroughly renovated and equipped with the latest technology for flow control and plant identification.  Using RFID technology, the entire flow of plants from the sorting buffer to the delivery station is controlled and visualized through ISAL.

Specific features
  • Flow control using RFID technology
  • Implementation of the Plantform order link between the ERP layer (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) and the MES layer (ISAL).
  • Webservice communication with third-party container management system 


Used modules

Phalaenopsis project type 1