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  • Indigo Logistics B.V. (Company registry number: 61381608) Hereby grants you access to:
    • ("the Website”) and invites you to purchase the information and services offered by us.
  • Website changes
    • Indigo Logistics B.V. can change the contents or delete parts of this website at any time. As a visitor you will not always get a specific announcement about this.


  • Precision
    • Indigo Logistics B.V. works hard to update and/or complement the content of the Website as often as possible. Despite this care and attention, it is possible that some content is incomplete and/or incorrect. If you encounter an error, please let us know via
  • Just to be clear: no guarantees
    • The materials offered on the Website are offered without any form of guarantee or claim to correctness.
  • On hyperlinks
    • Indigo Logistics B.V. will not accept any liability for hyperlinks included on the website that link to websites or services from third parties.
    • Naturally, the precision under point A also applies here.


  • The rights belong to Indigo Logistics B.V.
    • All intellectual property rights concerning the materials on the website are with Indigo Logistics B.V..
    • You can use a production of Indigo Logistics B.V. but only under the following condition:
  • Permission
    • Copying, distributing and any other use of these materials is only permitted after explicit permission from Indigo Logistics B.V..
    • This does not apply to regulations of mandatory law such as the right to quote. This is your right to quote our materials in an appropriate manner, including a reference to the source.


  • Wijzigingen
    • This proclaimer is subject to change, Indigo Logistics B.V. will make a statement on the website about this if possible.
  • Any questions?
    • Indigo Logistics B.V. is always open to all your questions. If you have a general question or a question about this proclaimer, please contact us at:
  • Version
    • The current version is 1.0., dated 06/06/18.

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