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ISAL Workstation

This module is available in 2 versions: Basic and Advanced in order to distinguish between the degree of control required from ISAL and the need for statistics.

Basic ISAL Workstation

In this configuration, the transport of the plants to the work positions is controlled by the ISAL, based on communication with an RFID reader for the work positions or at PLC level.


  • Basic visualization of statistics per stick insert position based on PLC messages
  • The same handling operations are carried out at all workplaces
  • Allocation of workplace based on capacity by PLC or ISAL
  • Activating/deactivating work positions
  • Visualization of the process


Advanced ISAL Workstation 

In this configuration, the plants' movement through the work positions is controlled by ISAL, and plants can be sent through many different work positions. The pre-requisite for this option is that RFID technology is used for plant identification.


The following functionality is in addition to Basic functionality:

  • Planning preferred destinations if use is made of specific handling operations in each work position.
  • Establishment of handling operations for each work position
  • Can link an employee to each work position
  • Statistics for each workplace and possibly for each linked employee
  • Able to send plants to other working positions when working with specific handling operations at different work positions
  • Statistics for each work position can possibly be linked to the camera report.

Download the general ISAL fact sheet

Download the ISAL module fact sheet

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