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ISAL Tray Transport System (TTS)

This module can be used to control an automated tray delivery system for the control and visualization of the delivery process, by which order information can be entered manually or communicated via the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connector  from a higher-level order system (ERP) to ISAL (Manufacturing Execution System (MES)/Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)).


ISAL Tray Transport System (TTS) functionality

  • Importing of the cart loading plan/production plan from existing ERP/planning system based on the ISA'95 protocol.
  • Visualization of the delivery system.
  • Visualization of the current content per cart location (progress)
  • Functionality for the
  • Logging functionality
  • Status & Error display

Trolley Loading Generator (TLG)

  • Import functionality for the importing of order data from a higher-level (ERP) system
  • Manual entry of orders is possible
  • Generation of proposal and production plans
  • Printing of a master pick-up list
  • Assigning available cart locations

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