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ISAL Delivery

ISAL Delivery - Basic

This module is designed for the control of a manual delivery process.


  • Planning delivery stations/packing positions
  • Visualization of the active inventory in the delivery buffer (including reserved inventory).
  • Basic order entry functionality.
  • Establishment of barrel compositions
  • Establishment of cart labels
  • Print order picking list/packing slip
  • Visualization of active orders for each packing position
  • Visualization of the order status
  • No functionality for calling out mixed orders
  • No automated call-out possible, orders are manually removed from the sorting tracks. 

 ISAL Delivery

Barrel label


ISAL Delivery - Advanced

This module contains the Basic Delivery functionality with a number of additional features.


  • Importing order information from higher-level ERP system based on the Plantform/ISA '95 link.
  • Order status feedback
  • If use is made of unique plant codes, the products that have been delivered to each customer order is always clear.
  • Progress indication for each active order
  • No auction letters

ISAL Delivery

Real-time order monitoring


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